California Poppy
by Tom Sundro Lewis


Special Audio Program for CFS -- Now Delivered Online 

"Breath, Imagery and Healing has been nothing short of a miracle on my 'crash days', thank you so very much." S.B.

This is an updated version of the original audio program accompanying the book Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is used in support groups world-wide. The program contains two informative and inspirational talks and seven guided experiential exercises from Dr. Collinge's self-healing programs for CFS/ME/FM. The complete program includes:

  • Hope and Recovery in CFS. Inspirational talk on the recovery process, the multicausal perspective, the phases of CFS, the 50 percent solution, and related topics (28:00).
  • Mind/Body Medicine and CFS. Explains the scientific basis and benefits of mind/body medicine, and how to avoid common misconceptions (26:15). 
  • Deep Relaxation. Guided progressive relaxation exercise leading to the body's most powerful and important natural healing state, the relaxation response (29:00).
  • Breath, Imagery, and Healing. Guided imagery of strengthening and harmonizing the immune system. Uses a unique process of breathing techniques to help you heighten the benefits of your imagery (30:00). 
  • Mindfulness Practice. Provides instruction and guided experience in mindfulness meditation. This is the process that was used in the Flowing River Institute study which found regular meditation practice to triple the odds of improvement in CFS (28:30).
  • Breathing and Energy in CFS. A guided exercise using the power of the breath to increase energy for healing, and to help in relieving and releasing symptoms. Based on Dr. Collinge's research in transformational breathwork for immune enhancement (30:25).
  • Meeting Your Inner Healer. A guided imagery experience for accessing the reservoir of wisdom and guidance within. Helpful for managing symptoms as well as charting your overall course toward recovery (28:30).
  • Supporting Your Inner Child. A gentle guided imagery experience enabling you to meet and build a supportive relationship with the child within (28:30). 
  • Healing Sleep. This helpful for people with sleep disorder or difficulty getting to sleep. It contains a guided hypnotic journey with relaxing background music to help ease into sleep, and to rest deeply until sleep arrives (29:00). 

How to Order 
  • Recovering from CFS is available as an internet download. On receipt of payment we will send you a link to download the program to your computer's hard drive where you can save it and listen at your convenience. The program consists of nine individual MP3 files of about 30 to 35MB each, requiring a total of about 293MB of disk space. You will be free to download the selections from your computer to your mobile device if you wish (iPod, iPhone, etc.), or burn CDs if you prefer. If you have limited space on a mobile device, you can download selected exercises.
  • Order information is encrypted for your security.

Recovering from CFS full program: $39.95

Skype and Telephone Support 

Consultation with Dr. Collinge is available by Skype or phone to support you in mastering the self-healing practices and lifestyle changes needed to promote recovery from CFS. Click here to learn more and schedule a phone consultation.

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