The Touch, Caring and Cancer Program

Our "Caring and Cancer Project," sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, produced and evaluated the new instructional video program Touch, Caring and Cancer: Simple Instruction for Family and Friends. Winner of two Telly Awards, this inspiring program is a breakthrough in caregiver education. Simply put, it empowers family members and friends to reduce their loved one's suffering, improve the quality of their relationship, and make caregiving a more satisfying experience. It is now being used in cancer centers, hospice programs, and other palliative care settings in the US, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Europe. The full research study of the program has been published by the Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer and is available free online here.

Approved by the National Cancer Institute as a Research-Tested Intervention Program (RTIPs).

See the 6 minute preview below for a taste of the program.

Touch, Caring and Cancer is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese spoken language versions, and a Japanese version with subtitles is coming soon. You can see previews in all languages at To see an extended 16 minute preview in English click here.

The mission of Touch, Caring and Cancer is to enable family members to become part of the treatment team, joining with the efforts of the patient's other care providers by providing support at home as part of an integrative approach to care. The program is suitable for distribution to families by:

  • Cancer support and advocacy organizations
  • Cancer treatment centers
  • Hospital cancer programs
  • Hospice programs
  • Palliative care programs
  • Outpatient cancer services
  • Organizations wishing to support families with cancer

Choice of formats. The program is available in an online version as streaming video with an e-book manual, and in a hard copy version with DVD and spiral bound manual.

Research. Our study with 97 caregiver/patient dyads found that family caregivers were able to safely reduce symptoms in cancer patients by 29-44% when using the techniques taught in the program. To see the study click here.

The program features two of the nation's leading experts in massage for cancer, Tracy Walton, MS, NCTMB, and Janet Kahn, PhD, NCTMB. Other contributors are William Collinge, PhD, the project director; David Rosenthal, MD, of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, and former president of the American Cancer Society; and Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, FAAN, Kluge Professor in Contemplative End-of-Life Care,
University of Virginia School of Nursing. The program also features eleven caregivers and patients who were filmed learning and practicing the techniques. We are delighted that the program has won two Telly Awards for excellence in independent film making, in the categories of "Social Issues," and "Health and Wellness."

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For professionals and organizations who wish to provide the program to their families the following resources are available:

Guide for Professionals -- For professionals working in cancer centers, hospice programs and other palliative care settings. Includes guidelines for introducing the Touch, Caring and Cancer program in support groups, workshops, in-service and other educational programs. The Guide also outlines several organizational strategies for reaching families, including the underserved, and includes strategies for funding the availability of the program in hospitals and other treatment setttings.

Consultation -- With William Collinge on strategies for successful use of the program in your setting.

Educational Opportunities -- Seminars and retreats led by William Collinge using the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program; and in-service programs or grand rounds presentations for professionals related to improving quality of patient care through this form of family participation.

Organizational Discounts -- For quantity pricing of the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program (in all languages) and the CD Music for Partners in Healing

For all of the above contact William Collinge directly.