Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
A Guide to Self-Empowerment

By William Collinge

Updated and available free on this site (via links below).  

Published by Putnam/Perigee, 240 pages, softcover, 1993
U.K. and Commonwealth edition: Souvenir Press 
German edition: Oesch Verlag

¡AHORA EN ESPAÑOL!  Recuperarse del Síndrome de Fatiga Crónica. Muchas gracias to Cathy Van Riel for translation of this book so it may now reach the Spanish-speaking world. Click here for the Spanish version.

This book is based on the first behavioral medicine treatment program for people with CFS, in collaboration with Daniel Peterson, M.D. in Incline Village, Nevada that has been evolving since the mid-1980's. It describes the nature and course of CFS, and the key principles and practices that have helped many former sufferers heal and reclaim their lives.  

Introduction by Daniel Peterson, M.D.  
PART I. The Nature and Course of CFS  
Chapter 1. From Illness to Insight: Understanding CFS  
Chapter 2. Onset and the Chronic Phase: Symptoms and Cycles  
Chapter 3. The Recovery Phase: When and Why Recovery Happens  
Chapter 4. Your Immune System: How It Works, and How It is Affected in CFS  
PART II. The Path of Self-Empowerment  
Chapter 5. Coping with Your Symptoms  
Chapter 6. Changing Your Lifestyle to Promote Recovery  
Chapter 7. The Benefits of Mind/Body Medicine 
Chapter 8. The Healing Power of Deep Relaxation  
Chapter 9. Imagery and CFS 
Chapter 10. Breath, Energy, and Emotion 
Chapter 11. Supporting Your Inner Child 
Chapter 12. Using Your Illness as a Teacher  

APPENDICES (revised for the on-line version) 
Appendix A. The Centers for Disease Control Revised Case Definition for CFS (2003) 
Appendix B. Current Medical Treatments 
Appendix C. Programs and Tapes with the Author 
Appendix D. Mind/Body Medicine and Positive Health Transition in CFS (summary of study published in Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine) 

Words of Praise... 

"Patients, please read and enjoy this book. With an open and receptive mind, the directives become clear. New understanding and healing may come very quickly. 
The profit will be yours at a low cost."  
-- Daniel Peterson, M.D., Incline Village, Nevada 
(from the Introduction) 

"I welcome the publication of this excellent book. The most thorough and up-to-date account of what is known about CFS, it presents a program of recovery that I believe offers people with this syndrome the greatest hope for reclaiming their health." 
-- Peter Madill, M.D., Physicians' Honor Roll 
The CFIDS Association of America

NOTE: This book is currently out of print but is available free on line by clicking on the chapters in the contents above.