Subtle Energy: Awakening to the
Unseen Forces in Our Lives

By William Collinge

Warner Books, Inc., 1998, 320 pages.  
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U.K. and Commonwealth edition: Thorson's 
German: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag 
Italian: Sperling and Kupfer 
Dutch: Uitgeverij Callenbach-Uitgeverij Ten Have 
Chinese: Hong Found.for Education and Culture, Taipei 
Lithuanian: Gardenija, Kaunas 
Spanish: RBA Libros, Barcelona 
Japanese, French, Romanian and Portuguese editions forthcoming. 

Why do you feel instantly attracted to some people yet repelled by others? What causes the flashes of light some people see during ecstatic spiritual experiences? How can sexual energy be used for healing? How are our moods, sleep, and behavior affected by the phases of the moon? These questions lead to the realization that we are beings of energy, moved by the energy of others, our environment and the cosmos. 

An historic convergence is underway between teachings of the world's wisdom traditions and the insights of modern science. Unseen forces -- previously thought to be mere speculation, undetectable, or too weak to have any importance -- are now known to have surprising effects in our daily lives.  

Subtle Energy explains our energetic anatomy, the vital force that makes us alive, the energetic dynamics of our relationships, the energies of the earth, and remarkable discoveries in the influences of the sun, moon and planets. Along the way, it explores simple yet powerful techniques for cultivating and strengthening our vital energy; healing methods such as the laying-on-of-hands and Therapeutic Touch; and the mysterious energetic phenomena of chanting, prayer, meditation and tantric sexual practices. 

This adventure into the world of subtle energies will help you fully awaken to your energetic nature -- and the vitality, harmony and pleasure that are your birthright. 

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Praise for Subtle Energy 

"Collinge writes with a fluidity and confidence that will inspire some to see that the ethereal life force may be as close as their own breath, while leaving skeptics gasping in disbelief."  
--Publishers Weekly 

"A terrific introduction to the field of subtle energies and energy medicine. Its numerous scholarly references, lucidly written text, and many practical exercises will make it an outstanding addition to the libraries both of general audiences and for health care professionals, therapists, and researchers."  
-- Jeff Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H., President 
International Society for the Study of 
Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) 

"Spellbinding... Something in Subtle Energy will either change your energy or change your thinking about energy. Either way, you'll be changed... for the better." 
-- Bill Thomson, Executive Editor, Natural Health 

"This is a thoroughly enjoyable, sensitive, enlightened exploration of a wide variety of approaches to the mysteries of human energy. An excellent overview and introduction to the inner source of healing and creativity." 
-- Emmett Miller, M.D., author of Deep Healing 

"An excellent mix of personal experiences, anecdotal experiences of others and references to abundant documented studies... This book is a good beginning for anyone interested in developing themselves to higher states of human function." 
   -- William Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, 
author of Science and Human Transformation 

"A refreshingly clear summary of the spectrum of subtle energies... Highly recommended for anyone interested to learn about  
energy and spirit." 
-- Daniel Benor, M.D., author of Healing Research 

"An excellent job of presenting the latest discoveries about subtle energies in an understandable language, while maintaining the scientific accuracy... a must-read for those interested in the next  
frontier of science." 
   -- Rollin McCraty, Director of Research 
Institute of HeartMath 

"Affirms our innate understanding of everyday miracles -- from the ineffable chemistry of attraction and intimacy, to the substantive effects of meditation. This book bears practical insights into elusive mysteries." -- Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac., co-author of 
Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine

List of Tables and Figures 
Foreword by Emmett E. Miller, M.D., author of Deep Healing 
Chapter 1. Subtle Energy: Medium of the Spirit 
Chapter 2. Embodiment: Our Energetic Anatomy 
Chapter 3. Spiritus Mundi: Subtle Energies in Nature and the       Environment 
Chapter 4. Two or More Together: Subtle Energies in Relationships 
Chapter 5. In-Spiration: The Breath-Energy Connection 
Chapter 6. Sustenance: The Care and Nurturing of Our Vital Energy 
Chapter 7. Courting the Spirit: Subtle Energies in Prayer, Meditation and Healing 
Appendix: Resources 
About the Author 

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