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Partners in Healing: Simple Ways to Offer Support, Comfort and Care to a Loved One Facing Illness. Click here to go to the book's main page.

From Shambhala Publications, December 2008

When a spouse becomes seriously ill, the healthy partner often feels a profound sense of helplessness and despair. This book offers a new sense of empowerment for the intimate partners of people living with serious health problems. The book consists of fifty short chapters, each explaining why and when to use a given strategy and concrete step-by-step guidance in how to do it. The author, a psychotherapist and researcher, also shares his reflections and insights from two decades of clinical practice treating couples who are going through serious illness.

Partners in Healing is divided into seven subject areas:

  • Strategies of self-care for the caring partner
  • Ways of involving family and friends in a network of support
  • Simple massage and touch techniques to bring comfort and reduce symptoms
  • Simple energy healing techniques
  • Distant healing using transpersonal imagery, mediation, and prayer
  • Forms of “affirmative communication” that provide reassurance
  • Simple rituals of caring and nourishment

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Praise for Partners in Healing ...

“A bible for caregivers. Honest, straightforward, and very practical. I recommend it to everyone who is caring for a partner or spouse.”—Christiane Northrup, MD

“Dr. Collinge has written a book that touches upon the true essence of caregiving. This is an important book for caregivers on enhancing their own well-being as well as learning how to better become partners in healing.”—Gary E. Barg, editor-in-chief, caregiver.com

“Anyone wanting a practical guide to supporting health and wholeness in a loved one will be delighted by this book. We are currently in something of a golden age in healing research, of which Dr. William Collinge is an excellent guide.”—Larry Dossey, MD

"William Collinge brings a breadth of knowledge and a depth of wisdom to helping us deal with the challenges that sickness brings to those we love and to ourselves. In Partners in Healing he shows us clearly, simply, convincingly, how we can use words and touch, loving intention and prayer to bring help and healing to those who are ill, even as we find intimacy, wholeness, and fulfillment for ourselves."— James S. Gordon, M.D., author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression


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